What can we do for you?

At Lagerstedt Creative we provide a wide range of design and art services. Whether it is a white paper for a client event, or a new company website, or a bespoke illustrated book cover we have got you covered.

Below is a list of the services we offer. You can also see examples of our work to get a good idea of what we have achieved for clients in the past.

If you require something that isn’t listed here, then please contact us to enquire.

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Web design

Designing websites is what gets us up in the morning (so to speak!). We have been creating beautiful websites for over 15 years now, working closely with our clients to give them their perfect online presence. Our lead designer Anders has a Bachelor of Arts degree in web design (achieved in 2004), so you will be hard pressed to find someone who has also been doing this every day for 20 years!  

UX (User experience)

User experience (or UX) design is essentially the process of designing something with the end user (i.e., the visitor to a website, for instance) and their needs as the focus. At Lagerstedt Creative we apply UX techniques to all our website designs. No matter the type of website, UX needs to be at the core of the strategy and design to ensure that it is as easy to use as possible (while still looking fantastic!)

Web development

We build all our websites using WordPress as the CMS (Content Management System). This allows you as the site’s owner to log in and take control of the pages even after our project is complete. All our websites are bespoke, so every build is tailor-made for the design we create for you.

Visual identity

Every brand and company have a visual identity. Whether it is a huge multinational, a small local business or even an individual person. It is how they visually present and represent themselves to the world. It includes things like their logo, brand colours, iconography, and photography. At Lagerstedt Creative we are comfortable working with an existing visual identity, but we really enjoy creating one for a client from scratch!

Logo design

The most identifiable part of a company is of course the logo. It sets you apart from your competition and conveys your message. We have created several bespoke logos over the years for all sorts of companies and individuals. As with our website designs, we are firm believers in keeping a logo simple, clean, and eye-catching.

Print design

If it is true that we love designing websites then it is equally true that we love designing all manner of print based projects and items. We’re just as adept at creating bigger projects, such as white papers for a client event, as we are at smaller items, like business cards. We can take your written content and turn it into an attention-grabbing document, whether using your existing branding or working with you to create a new visual identity.

Website maintenance

As part of our web design and development service we also provide ongoing website maintenance even after the website has launched. This can include handling issues that can come up with your chosen web host (via your control panel login), keeping your WordPress CMS up to date, and making small changes to your page layouts.

Email campaigns

A big part of keeping in touch with your audience, besides social media, is through email campaigns. We have vast experience in all aspects of such campaigns, from designing the actual email layout (including bespoke graphics) to maintaining your subscribers list. We can help you reach the right people to enable your business to grow and grow.


Whether it is advertising campaigns for placement on other websites or for printing in magazine and newspapers, we can design it all for you. As well as the visual design, we are well-versed in the seemingly infinite options and specifications when it comes to advertising campaigns. You can leave it all to us.

Social media graphics

Even the best website, or event, or podcast, isn’t going to get the attention it deserves without a social media presence. Bespoke graphics for your posts and Tweets not only help get eyes on your project but vitally maintain the consistent look from your website and branding.

Illustrated portraits

Turning a photo of yourself, or a colleague, into a bespoke illustrated portrait can be a great head-turner compared to a stuffy, corporate headshot. It can bring added personality to your company website, or LinkedIn profile, or even business card. We can work to any artistic style you require, from a more vector-like illustration to a highly detailed hand-drawn painting.

Book artwork

No project is too big when it comes to book artwork. If you need a unique painting for a book cover, we’ve got you, er, covered! Or if you need a number of illustrations for the inside of a book, then look no further.

Editorial illustrations

There are an endless amount of magazine and news websites online, with an equally endless number of articles on those websites. 99% of the time they use generic stock photography; adding next to nothing to the written article it is supposed to represent. With us we work closely with the editorial content to produce a truly unique illustration/artwork that encapsulates the piece.